Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Louisville Ironman Blues

Why is it always so goddamn hot! Another race day with near record heat, bright sun, no clouds until 6pm or so. The dew point was 62, not anywhere near comfortable with the temperature soaring to 93. Support team McCullough was hot sitting in the shade watching the bikes speed by.

So I wrote a song, well actually blues singer Robert Johnson did, but I changed the lyrics. "Crossroads"

Jan went to the crossroads, fell down on her knees
Jan went to the crossroads, fell down on her knees
Asked the Ironman gods above, have mercy now,
Get me to the finish if you please.

Swimmin' like a dolphin, in that Ohio River
Whee-hee, she glided right along
Didn't nobody seem to know her, nobody passed her by.

Ridin' through the crossroads, risin' sun goin' higher
Ridin' through the crossroads baby, the risin' sun gettin' hotter
I believe to my soul now, po' Jan is burnin' up.

Jan can run, she can run, tell all her friends
Jan can run, she can run, tell all her friends
That Jan got the crossroad blues this afternoon',
Lord, baby she's sinkin' down

She went with the medics, she looked pale and sick
She went to the medics, she looked pale and sick
Lord, I couldn't find my sweet woman, ooh well,
Babe, Jan is in distress.

Jan made it to mile 12 of the marathon after an excellent swim and bike. She was almost 35 minutes ahead of last year's time. Jan had over 7 and 1/2 hours to do the marathon and still beat the 17 hour cutoff time. Unfortunately, despite an excellent nutrition plan and conserving herself on the bike, the dehydration had already begun.

Jan wouldn't be the only person to succumb to the heat. One poor man fainted with just a mile to go in the marathon and never finished. The medical area had over 60 cots and they were constantly being filled with participants. Jan received 2 liters of IV fluids and a shot for nausea.

Possibly some medication she takes acts as a diuretic. That is a side effect the doctors never mentioned.

Jan is a tough, stubborn, determined woman and will be participating in Ironman Lake Placid 2009.

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Andrea said...

These are traits her support crew shares as well! Lake Placid better watch out!